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We’re the event management corporation group that delivers your most successful event occasion. Our creative team ensure that every event is memorable for you and your organization.
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Welcome to Ultimateteamworks

Making your events smarter & impactful by personalised event management.

Ultimateteamworks are expert in managing, supplying, event set up, planning and accomplishing all type of events. Ultimateteamworks is an events & entertainment industrialist, experienced professionals. We are known for the best as:


Ultimateteamworks have masterminded some of the most successful events, entertainments, teambuilding’s, corporate trainings and many more for many local and international companies in various segments of projects. Many companies engage us as their end-to-end partner from ideation and conceptualization to event supply, productions and coordination’s.


Ultimate Range of Services

Ultimateteamworks capable of planning and managing events of all sizes and for every client requirement. We offer a wide variety of services, professional skills and expertise to ensure every project we undertake is a success. Check out our list of services:

PA, AV & Lighting System

Ultimateteamworks specializing in rental of our in house audio reinforcement system equipment’s, Visuals LED, events projections, lightings, live show equipment’s and many more. Our Ultimate AV services is one of the Malaysia most experienced and respected professional entertainment industry rental suppliers, with a vast array of equipment available at our stocks. We have a depth of experience in delivering outstanding events as concert, launches, carnivals, festivals, award night, fashion shows, branding campaigns, weddings, theatre productions, conferences, sports events and many more.

Events Management & Consultancy

Ultimateteamworks experience ranging across all sectors of the economy and event disciplines. We are proven track record and credentials. We offer a full spectrum of services – total event management productions, branding & reimaging solutions, product roadshows, entertainments, weddings, corporate dinners, launches, carnivals, family day , VIP Protocols , sports day and many more.

Adventure Tourism & Sports, Trainings & Development

Ultimateteamworks pride our self with discipline, highly motivated and experienced adventurous personnel which can take your organization from where it is to where you want to be via adventure sports, corporate teambuilding, motivational events and programs. We have a network of excellent and accomplished certified as well as qualified speakers, facilitators and life coach worldwide that can train, develop and empower your organizational employees. Discover and engage our GREAT team for your company next human capital development programs. Experience our creative programs.

Events & Entertainment Productions

Ultimateteamworks produce own ideas that make a successful event from entertainment, music , food, fiesta, sports, fashion and many public events. It starts from planning, management, conceptualization and production,we work together in partnership with many corporation for sponsorship, brand awareness and collaborative projects. We foster the development of each event step by step from idea to inception to execution.

Event Fabrication & Hardware Supplies

Our Team is always creative! We realised that every clients and individuals has different taste when it comes to design of their event. Theme and concept event is always our signature. We are known for a custom fabrication when it comes to event hardware, props and decor supply and installation . Ultimateteamworks makes sure our supplies always stand out and be the talk of your special event! From the Canopies, concept fabrications and other props creation Ultimateteamworks delivers the best.
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Ultimate AV Services - We Known For The Best!

Ultimateteamworks has a full line of Audio Visual rental equipment. Whether it is a corporate event, protocol occasions, mega concerts, celebration or wedding, we can provide the audio, lightings and visual projections perfectly for your event needs. We pride ourselves on being AV specialists, with in-depth knowledge in all aspects of audio technology, lighting programming, live shows equipment’s and visual, multimedia presentation equipment – LED screens & Projectors.
  • Audio Reinforcement System – PA Sound , Live Band Equipment
  • Lighting Technology
  • Visuals , LED Screens , Projections , Display LED TV
  • Event Staging’s & Rigging Equipment’s

With a full range of Audio Visual Equipment’s, Event Hardware’s and Event Management Services, we deliver a Successful & Prosperous Events!

Our creativity has impressed many of our clients.
 Anything is possible with ultimateteamworks! our ideas are plenty. send us a message and lets discuss further.

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Anything is possible with ultimateteamworks! our ideas are plenty. send us a message and lets discuss further.

 Anything is possible with ultimateteamworks! our ideas are plenty. send us a message and lets discuss further.
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