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Get to know us

We are what we repeatedly do! We are a TEAM of experienced personnel’s, qualified managers, Enthusiastic, Passionate with driven attributes of Teamwork, Creativity and Unique.

Ultimateteamworks is a full-fledged events management, entertainment, productions, supplies and services, headquartered in Petaling Jaya Malaysia. Ultimateteamworks with over 20 years unrivalled events experience, had successfully involved, manage, supplies, produce and organized over 100 of events for many clientele across our establishments. Ultimateteamworks has taken a great care to build a team of professionals with unique talents, creativity, and experienced to deliver our service standards. As a team, we’re proud to be ultra, hyper focused on continuing to create effective teamwork result oriented service for our clients.
Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a client centric team which able to assist in realizing their plans and strategies, executing it with our teamwork capabilities in order to develop greater global solutions .

Our Mission

Our Mission

To impart innovative ideas , service and product through delivering our expertise to our clients, enabling them to nurture and grow with existing economy.



We adhere to preserve our environment and place of work by minimizing damage and harmful waste from the start to the execution of work later tear down completion .



All events are safely coordinated. Always maintain ZERO/LOSS incident.

Why Choose Ultimateteamworks

We are committed to meet clients’ expectations. Whether it is corporate, public or private event project, we provide unique and creative experiences that exceed our client expectations without compromising the budget. Ultimateteamworks is


Always maintain a professional experience at any events succeeded. With overall high-level of knowledge concerning any event, our team professionally create a unique experience for our client and their attendees.


Ultimateteamworks is an event management professionals with more than 20 years group experience and the ability to work under pressure to ensure the efficient set up and running of an event smoothly.

A Great Team

We are a Team! Our great teamwork is our strength that makes it possible to accomplish any sort of events project.

Ultimateteamworks Primary Skills

Our team offer reliability of experience and expertise in various aspects of events management. We are known for our best success events managing skills:
Corporate Dinners
Family Day & Carnivals
Theme Events

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